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NOUR ZERO Launches World's Most Sustainable Vegan Luxury Handbag

NOUR ZERO Launches World's Most Sustainable Vegan Luxury Handbag
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LOS ANGELES, CA –– In keeping with its vision of becoming the world’s first zero waste luxury brand, NOUR ZERO has launched its premiere vegan, sustainable and 90% waste-free handbag.

“The Everything Tote,” handcrafted with a vegan, plant-based leather, is designed with one unwavering philosophy in mind: The Future is Circular. NOUR ZERO is pushing boundaries in the luxury fashion industry to create beautiful, sustainable accessories in transparent and circular manufacturing cycles that result in zero waste. This handbag epitomizes that philosophy and represents the future of fashion.

“Our planet doesn’t need to suffer for us to create beautiful things,” said Alexandra Moeser, founder of NOUR ZERO. “We have worked hard to make a product truly in sync with nature’s intrinsic rhythms, because in nature there is no waste.”

While the average high-end leather tote is derived from animal hides, every aspect of NOUR ZERO’s handbag – from its leathery exterior to its minimalist trimming – is entirely plant-based. The handbag’s proprietary vegan, plant-based leather is an extraordinary blend of USDA certified organic cotton and hemp, glazed with a state-of-the-art biodegradable coating. It’s interior, also made of USDA certified organic cotton and hemp, is equipped with an innovative plant-based water repellent that’s PFOA- and PFOS-free to ward off light spills. The handbag’s chic metal clasps are crafted from a uniquely durable metal alloy and can be infinitely upcycled with zero loss in performance characteristics. 

Every step in the handbag’s supply chain is as eco-friendly as possible. And, because the handbag is made in America, NOUR ZERO can guarantee that each tote is handcrafted under ethical working conditions and with love, right here at home, in the heart of Los Angeles. In fact, the manufacturing process for the average leather handbag is 223% more carbon emission inefficient than The Everything Tote. 

“This handbag is plant-based luxury without compromises,” Moeser said. “As a professional, working woman on the go, I know how important it is for my tote to be as robust and functional as possible.” 

Fitted with no fewer than 11 interior compartments, The Everything Tote is designed to fulfill the professional, stylish and environmentally conscious woman’s every need, be it with a 14" inch laptop sleeve or a bottle holder for her reusable coffee mug. The plant-based handles are made with a phthalate-free, heavy metal-free, USDA organic, REACH compliant, PROP 65 and PETA approved cactus leather that can withstand even the heftiest of weights.

And, in an effort to bring radical transparency to the customer, each handbag comes with its own serial number that can take its owner on that handbag’s unique journey from farm to shoulders. 

The design team at NOUR ZERO made sure that The Everything Tote was constructed with the next life in mind. At the very end of its lifecycle, the handbag’s proprietary canvas can be placed back into the soil to become nutrients for nature again. Inspired by the law of nature, this handbag will not end up in a landfill.

“This tote isn’t just any handbag,” Moeser said. “This tote represents our innate need to be connected with ourselves, each other and our Earth.”


NOUR ZERO aims to be the world’s first zero waste luxury brand. The brand is committed to transparent and circular manufacturing cycles and imbues each of its products with beauty, sustainability and functionality. A portion of all sales go to “1% for the Planet,” an organization that inspires businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions.


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