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Our Carbon Footprint

We believe we can regenerate our planet, through the process of making luxury accessories. Fulfilling our vision to be the world’s first zero waste luxury brand, means measuring the emissions of everything we create, from their raw materials to their end of life.

To help us achieve zero waste, we are using the Doconomy’s 2030 calculator and the Stormo & Co.’s Carbon Profile Report to calculate and analyze the carbon footprint of our supply chain.

Our carbon profile keeps us honest, because traceability is the new transparency.

What's in Our Footprint?

Our carbon footprint is the kg CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) emitted during any part of our supply chain. This includes the emissions from the raw materials, dyeing, cutting, sewing, packaging, shipping, as well as the energy and water usage. It’s holistic and radically transparent.

NOUR ZERO Circular Manufacturing Cycle

Circular Design

Our difference is we design out waste from the start, so there’s no waste at the end. We turn to nature to source natural, renewable materials grown without the toxic stuff. For manufacturing, we work with our partners to keep track of the energy used. Then with transportation, we factor in the shipping of materials to our skilled craftsman and then to you. Lastly, for end of life, since the handbag is almost all plant-based, it can return safely to a compost heap giving life to new plants that we can turn into handbags again and again, like magic. It’s zero waste manifested.

Our Numbers

Part of our commitment to sustainability is ensuring we are transparent about our impact on the environment. Our hope is that by being exposed and displaying our numbers, we are helping move the needle forward toward total transparency in the fashion industry.

NOUR ZERO Carbon Footprint Calculation
Two Cows saying Wear Plants

How does our Footprint Compare?

An average leather handbag has a carbon footprint of 41.34 kg CO2e, this means choosing The Everything Tote cuts emissions by 70%, saves the rainforest and carries a lifetime(s) of loads without leaving a trace. If you’re curious how our average footprint of 12.80 kg CO2e stacks up with your everyday life, it’s about the same amount of emissions emitted by:

  • Eating 30 avocados
  • Driving 32 miles in a car 
  • Washing or drying 8 loads of laundry

Design Like Nature

Instead of reducing or doing less harm, we want to design products that are not only beautiful, timeless and functional, but create an ecological footprint of delight.

NOUR ZERO The Everything Tote on Model with Red Pants in Forest

Our Vision

Our vision is zero waste, which means we need all of our partners and suppliers to come together, disrupt the status quo and creatively innovate to bring about the next Industrial Revolution v2.0, founded on nature’s design principles.

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