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Cassie Brungarth Corn Field with Everything Tote

Cassie Brungarth is a lightworker in the child care industry. Growing up on a small farm in Ohio, Cassie spent her childhood caring for animals. To put herself through college, she worked at her parent's horse camp and babysat. 

It was when she met a young child name Leo that she became inspired to create a service to help families find reliable, trustworthy, and flexible in-home care. She's using her small town roots to transform the households of big city families with her staff of Cardinals at Cassie's Cardinals.

Q+A with Cassie

1. Tell us about what inspired Cassie's Cardinals?

In college, I spent my summers working at my parent's horse camp and picked up babysitting jobs. A family that I was babysitting for at that time, introduced me to Leo's family. Leo was a little boy who’d traveled from Italy to Ohio for medical care. When he wasn't in the hospital receiving treatment, he (and his parents) were out on the farm riding horses and feeding the pigs with me. Some of my fondest memories on my family farm were babysitting Leo and when he unfortunately passed, I knew there were so many families out there who needed reliable caregivers. On my hardest days as an entrepreneur, I know Leo is with me and that gives me the strength to keep helping families.

2. What's your vision for your business?

My long term vision is to expand worldwide and give back to our nonprofit organization, La Casa di Leo. I'm also excited to give back to other nonprofits in the communities we serve. 

Cassie Brungarth Corn Field with Everything Tote
Cassie Brungarth Hay Bail Everything Tote

3. What’s been your greatest challenge in running your business?

Definitely building out the tech, it's been a struggle to say the least! We've been working on streamlining our online booking service for awhile now and hopefully will have an iOS app on the market super soon, fingers crossed.

4. What's your favorite place in nature?

Besides my parents farm in Ohio, I'd say Lake Tahoe because you can't beat the lake, woods and ski resorts.

5. What does sustainability mean to you?

Being raised on a farm surrounded by animals taught me a lot about the importance of animals on the land to help restore soil. Also, I was raised to never waste food and loved feeding our food scraps to the pigs. So sustainability to me, means understanding where our food comes from and caring for animals like how we care for people at Cassie's Cardinals. Also, it means not using plastic water bottles and I'm so excited that The Everything Tote comes with a water bottle holder!

6. How do you reconnect with your inner light when you feel off balance or like you want to give up?

I live in Manhattan Beach now, so a walk on a beach is my ultimate therapy. I also look at pictures of my trip to La Casa di Leo in Bergamo, Italy which is a site built in Leo's honor to help assist families with children who are living in and out of hospitals for treatments. It easy to forget why you started and Leo always recenters me. 

7. What do you tell your inner child when you want to go to the next level in your business?

God will never give me more than I can handle.

8. If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?

Never stop telling people what you are doing or working on, the more you talk about it, the quicker it becomes reality.

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